Melodic Modern Jazz - High energy but low stress

Vier junge Jazz-Musiker aus vier Schweizer Grossstädten – das ist SARACAS.
Ihre Mischung aus eingängigen Melodien und kraftvollen Improvisationen ergibt melodischen, Groove-orientierten Jazz.

Saracas is a jazz quartet based in Lucerne, Switzerland.
The four bandmembers formed the band back in 2011 when they first met at Lucerne School of Music. Weekly sessions gave them the chance to create, expand and develop an intimate band sound. Inspired by the worlds leading jazz bands this group creates their own, unique expansion of the modern jazz styles.

Pascal Uebelhart | sax

René Simonpietri | piano

César Gonin | bass

Dennis Blassnig | drums




Live at Jazzkantine (2018)
SARACAS (2014)

Melodic, groove-oriented jazz made in Switzerland. A live set recorded at Jazzkantine Lucerne (CH).

released December 14, 2018

Recorded on June 4, 2018

"It's an Afro" and "Push don't Pull" composed by René J Simonpietri
"Shrippin'" composed by Dennis Bassnig
"Saracas" composed by César Gonin
"Wombat Shuffle" composed by Pascal Uebelhart

Mix and Master by René J Simonpietri

Cover Art by rafaelkoller.ch

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Debut Album of the young swiss jazz quartet Saracas. Twelve original compositions in tradition and continuation of the modern jazz style, written by all of the four bandmembers. The titlesong 'Saracas' features the journey of a raven through extraordinary landscapes.

released 01 july 2014

Produced and recorded by Saracas @ Lucerne School of Music
Mixed by Mario Baumann @ Strange Fruit Recording
Mastered by Ph!L!pp Schweidler @ Department of Noise
Artwork and Design by Rafael Koller

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René Simonpietri
+41 78 656 22 04